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Join the Raba Friends Supporter Program: Cultivating a Sustainable Community

At Raba Urban Farm, we’re on a mission to transform our community into a greener, more inclusive haven for all.
We invite you to become part of our journey by joining the Raba Friends Supporter Program, where your support can help us sow the seeds of change.

Our Vision

Nestled in the heart of Mudgeeraba, our 10-acre sustainable oasis thrives on promoting sustainability, wellness, and community engagement.

But we need your support to make this vision flourish.

Why Become a Raba Friends Supporter

  • By joining as a supporter, you’re contributing to our dream of a greener, healthier community.
  • With an annual fee of just $52, you can be a part of the change.
  • Plus, you’ll have the chance to win a $52 voucher or prize in our monthly draws, thanks to our Raba Friends sponsors and partners.
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits like discounted early bird tickets to our exciting events, exclusive promotions, and priority access to free workshops.

Greater Contributions for Greater Impact

  • If you’re passionate about making an even greater impact, we welcome and appreciate more substantial contributions. Your generosity will not only help us grow faster but also comes with a full tax deduction, providing you with additional financial benefits while supporting our cause. Organisations, in particular, have a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution.

How It Works

  • Pay a one-time yearly fee of $52 to become a Raba Friends Supporter.
  • Automatically enter our monthly voucher draws.
  • Gain access to discounted tickets to our events and programs.
  • Unlock exclusive promotions from our partners.
  • Be the first to access free workshops

What Your Support Achieves

  • Supports sustainability and wellness initiatives in our community.
  • Provides access to a diverse audience through our various programs and activities.
  • Aligns you with a socially responsible and environmentally conscious project.
  • Makes a meaningful impact on individuals with disabilities and young people through our training and educational programs.

Our Friends

Shift Green Hub

We make sustainability easier.

We bring the necessary tools to make a shift into a sustainable life.


Water Ups

WaterUps makes every garden better from homes to communities to ambitious commercial installations.

Lenny’s Pizza

Lenny Pizzeria & Bar, a casual licenced venue in the centre of town.

Fruitopian Delight

Family owned and operated fruit shop located at Carrara Markets on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Juniors Deli

Made to order sandwiches fresh coffee housemade pickles

Together, We Grow. Together, We Thrive.

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