Who we are

Raba is a sacred place that grows produce for the local community, by the community hand-in-hand with highly trained farmers, that are not only passionate about the environment, but also passionate about peoples’ wellbeing.

We work closely with the local first nations mob to make sure that we pay homage and respect to their proud and deep history; we will plant native bush tucker species throughout the property especially focussing on the creek line.


Our story


Raba Urban Farm was conceived in 2021 when the world was becoming increasingly closed off due to the pandemic and its related lockdowns. It was an idea of bringing the community together in a place that offered reconnection to the things that make us feel more alive and well.


Since its inception, Raba Urban Farm has opened its doors to all walks of people, who have brought creative and amazingly simple ideas to make Raba Urban Farm into a place that fosters sharing and social connectedness while also providing the people with the fruits of their labour (literally).

We are a down-to-earth concept that is growing because of its people, 
who contribute to consensus decision-making, community volunteering and activities that support the sustainability and health of the Farm.

Our values


A shared understanding that we can work in different ways together for the betterment of the community.


For each other, the earth and animals.


For each other and the land, for where we are and where we are going.

As a community

(not-for-profit cooperative)

Whilst creating this vision we will engage with all peoples of all backgrounds; we will especially develop programs for those with a disadvantaged background, disabilities, special needs and children by providing a place to reconnect with nature and develop greater self-esteem.

Our Raba crew will be role models and through this relationship on and with the land they will become empowered to change lives and protect the environment.

We believe

that our success will be measured when every person who visits the farm feels 
at one with the land, and the bounty it provides to all sentient beings